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Procedures for the hotel sector

Procedures for the hotel sector

We analyze the current procedures of your hotel business to implement optimizations and improvements that allow you to obtain favorable results in a short period of time.

We have specialists in hotel management that will evaluate the current status of your hotel business by developing a feasibility study of the project, as well as business development, during the day to day management process, refloating or repositioning the business always pursuing the maximum profitability and advising you in the different areas required: administrative, fiscal, financial, labor, legal, quality, operational, marketing and sales. With our strategies and best practices we challenge the established order in hotel management, repositioning hotels to become leaders in the local market.

We establish well-defined strategies for the following key points:

Human resources: definition of an adequate operational organization chart, as well as selection and training from base staff and middle management up to management levels. The employees are the beating heart of the hotel and their professionalism and motivation will determine the perception of quality of service received by the client, which is fundamental to gain and maintain a good reputation in the market that will help achieve the budgeted revenue objectives.

— Economic objectives: Elaboration of the budget structure to establish priorities and evaluate the achievement of its objectives. As a key piece of the hotel management, with the budgets we will be able to measure the actual results against the expected ones, as well as with the same month of the previous year. The analysis of deviations in terms of the main expense and income indicators will be of great help for decision making.

— Hotel software (PMS): Implementation of the hotel software (PMS), through an integrated system where the functions of reception, reservation management, rates and rooms, creation of profiles, back office interface (accounting), cashier service and generation of reports that will facilitate decision making can be carried out.

— Yield Management and revenue management: Management of product and market analysis tools, in order to maximize profit by offering the right room to each type of customer, through the right channel, at the right time and at the best price for a specific date.

— Sales and Digital Marketing: Choosing and implementing the right online sales strategy. Priority in the creation of a commercial website with its own booking engine in order to drive more direct bookings, thus reducing the payment of commissions to third parties, but at the same time establishing a complete strategy to obtain a multichannel online presence without losing sales opportunities.

— E-Commerce & Social Media: Applying a whole world of digital tools to manage everything from customer reviews and online reputation, online advertising and social media, to online payment methods.

— E-Commerce & Social Media: Aplicación de todo un mundo de herramientas digitales para gestionar desde las opiniones de clientes y la reputación online, la publicidad online y las redes sociales, hasta las formas de pago en línea.

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