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Suite CRM

Suite CRM

By combining OpenSource technology with customization we obtain a unique time to market and a very high reliability. We carry out customized consulting projects to understand your needs and to achieve in the most efficient way possible a system fully adapted to what you need.

Our CRM Suite is an OpenSource family with features and functions to improve all the operational processes of your company regardless of its size or processes. The CRM Suite is easy to install and fully customizable according to customer requests and needs.

Suite CRM is based on PHP, this suite is able to work with popular databases such as MySQL, SQL Server or MariaDB. This facilitates its integration, which can be done in various environments, such as Apache on Linux or IIS on Windows Server.

The server requirements are not very demanding, it is necessary to have PHP on the system and the ability to alter the permissions of some configuration files. For certain functionalities, it is necessary to have several PHP extensions such as ZLIB or PCRE, as well as an IMAP server for e-mail management. As for memory consumption, it will depend on the number of modules, as well as the users that require access to the application. It is advisable to configure machines from 1 GB of memory for a good fluidity and make sure that the PHP memory limit configured in the php.ini is at least 256 MB.

Currently Suite CRM has a large user base and an active community that has taken the software to another level, among its competitive advantages are:

Workflows: Suite CRM is a simple tool that optimizes processes to make tasks easier. Suite CRM procedures can be adjusted and configured to suit each company's business model.

Sales: It is capable of managing the entire sales process, allowing you to set a pricing and discount strategy, among many more.
Customer service: It offers a gateway for customers focused on the resolution of incidents, through which it is possible to maintain contact, provide assistance and offer documentation of the company's products.
Adaptable: Suite CRM has the ability to expand to meet new needs, in Jacidi we can create new modules to increase existing functionality while a good amount of extensions created by the community is available that we can apply directly in our installation.

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