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Digital + QR charts

Digital + QR charts

Digital Letters is an application that allows you to digitize the letters or menus of your business premises, in order to be displayed on mobile devices or smartphones with the ability to scan QR codes. Forget the classic restaurant menus, it's time to innovate and reduce the exposure of your employees to the covid-19. With our digital menu system you can make your restaurant a digital and interactive experience.

How does it work?

— You will have access to a CMS that will allow you to register the information of the menus of your establishment.

— From this CMS will automatically generate the QR codes that the customer will scan in your store, hotel, restaurant, bar or disco.

— You must print the generated QR codes and place them in visible places properly signposted.

— Important: This application can display any type of information you want to convey to your customers, such as Covid Free regulations and policies in common areas, rules of the establishment, telephone directory, information from your social networks, etc.

Advantages of the System

— You will be able to change or update the information on the menus in real time.

— It is an eco-friendly system, which avoids the use of printing paper and inks.

— Digital Letters is customizable according to the specifications and requirements of each client.

— You will optimize the service time avoiding bottlenecks at peak hours of attention in your establishment.

— You will be able to enable a section for purchasing extra services in advance such as parking, special events, etc.

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