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Our signature products will take your business to its maximum expression by optimizing work processes and customer experience regardless of the industry.


What we cover?

With our Network Management service we provide your business with complete management of your Firewalls and 24/7/365 monitoring of all the devices connected to the networks and those that are part of it.


We have the necessary software licenses for your company or business to keep up to date with new trends in products, functions and services that will optimize the processes and management of the same.


In Jacidi we know the importance of having specialized or high-end equipment to ensure the operability of your business.

We adapt to your needs to equip your business with the equipment you need and optimize your investment.


We are your ideal partner in information technology, offering you online or on-site support in the most demanded areas of the market: Software, Hardware, Networking, Migration and Monitoring.


Our flagship product! eRoom Suite is a global solution designed by hoteliers, for hoteliers.

We provide fully integrated solutions in the areas of: technology, connectivity, interactivity and entertainment for the hospitality sector, allowing you to boost the experience of your users and the management of your business to the next level.

Our suite is comprised of the following products:

  • Eroom Butler
  • Online check-in for hotels
  • PMS for the hospitality industry
  • Check-In Machine for hotels

We will optimize every single process within your hotel taking it to its maximum expression. Are you ready? Let's do it!


We will help you digitize your menus and menus so that they can be optimally displayed on any device that has the ability to scan QR codes. Forget the classic restaurant menus! It's time to innovate while reducing your employees' exposure to Covid-19. With our digital menu system you can make your establishment a digital and interactive experience.


HotSpot is a WiFi solution for all types of businesses, but especially SMEs, hotels, bars and restaurants that want to offer Internet access to their customers without losing security.

Being fully customizable, our device offers you not only the adaptation of the configuration based on your brand identity, but also the option to display advertising at different specific times.


Our OCR recognition system Troycheck will allow you to automate in an agile, simple and secure way the registration and storage of information of people entering a certain institution, commercial premises, restaurant, disco or bar. In addition, it provides autonomy to manage security, traceability and reliability.


With our virtual PBXs you can have state-of-the-art technology at an extremely competitive price.

Our Virtual PBX service in the cloud will allow you to expand the geographical scope of your business, no matter where you are or the number of locations or offices you have, all of them can be wherever you want at any time.


Through technology we evolve traditional methods in your business. With our Access Control System you will be able to monitor and control the entrance to your property through a modern system that will allow you to manage the access of guests or invitees remotely.


Innovation and quality is what you get with Signage. You will be able to increase the number of potential customers reached without complications, forgetting about tedious processes and programming all the scenes you need from the same place without the need for multiple applications to manage your screens.



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